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Welcome to our client proofing area. If you have come here directly from a search engine, don't forget to check our main wedding photography website and my wedding photography blog.

Our galleries here are password-protected mostly at the request of our clients but also because we were getting so many 'hits' from other wedding photographers that it was killing our bandwidth! If you do not have the password, you should in the first instance contact the client directly to request access. If you have to contact us for access, we will forward your request to the clients. We completely respect our wedding clients' right to privacy.

Wedding Galleries expire after 1 year. Portrait Galleries expire after 1 month.

Clients' Images

Expires 25 May 2019
Wedding Photography: Sorrento
Expires 7 April 2019
Wedding Photographer: Badia di San Nicolo di Campolongo, Umbria
Expires 5 November 2018
Wedding Photographer: Villa Scopetello
Expires 8 October 2018
Wedding Photography: Villa Cipressi, Varenna, Lake Como
Expires 25 September 2018
Wedding Photography: Varenna,
Expires 17 September 2018
Wedding Photographer; Torre di Moravola, Montone
Expires 13 September 2018
Wedding Photography: Villa Catignano, Tuscany
Expires 2 September 2018
Wedding Photography: Montone, Torre di Moravola, Umbria
Expires 30 August 2018
Wedding Photography: Montone, Chiesa del Carmine, Umbria
Expires 27 August 2018
Wedding Photography: Pratello Country Resort, Tuscany
Expires 12 August 2018
Wedding Photography: Hotel Capodimonte, Sorrento
Expires 5 August 2018
Wedding Photography: Borgo San Faustino
Expires 31 July 2018
Wedding Photography: Villa Antiche Mura, Sorrento
Expires 31 July 2018
Wedding Photographer: Casa Giulia Country House, Umbria
Expires 25 July 2018
Wedding Photography: Lucca
Expires 2 August 2018
Wedding Photography: La Foce