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Welcome to our client proofing area. If you have come here directly from a search engine, don't forget to check our main wedding photography website and my wedding photography blog.

Our galleries here are password-protected mostly at the request of our clients but also because we were getting so many 'hits' from other wedding photographers that it was killing our bandwidth! If you do not have the password, you should in the first instance contact the client directly to request access. If you have to contact us for access, we will forward your request to the clients. We completely respect our wedding clients' right to privacy.

Wedding Galleries expire after 1 year. Portrait Galleries expire after 1 month.

Clients' Images

Expires 7 November 2017
A favourite combination of mine: Sorrento's Cloisters and Villa Antiche Mura. Thank you so much for sharing to Andy & Laura xx
Harry & Kate's wedding was a big favourite of mine. The most wonderful church followed by a beautiful house on a private island. AMAZING!!
I loved everything about this wedding. Two ceremonies - one in Siena and one at Villa Catignano. It was brilliant! Thank you to Laird & Chauncey for sharing. x
This is one of the most wonderful weddings that I have ever had the pleasure of photographing - yes, it was that good! Thanks to Ash & Matt for sharing.
Expires 25 October 2017
Wedding Photographer: Villa Antiche Mura, Sorrento
Expires 13 October 2017
Wedding Photographer: Fattoria del Colle, Tuscany
Expires 15 September 2017
Wedding Photography: Umbria
Expires 13 September 2017
Wedding Photography: Sorrento
Expires 27 September 2017
Wedding Photographer: Montone, Umbria
Expires 9 September 2017
Wedding Photographer: Fattoria Tregole
Expires 4 August 2017
Wedding Photographer: Castello il Palagio, Val di Pesa, Tuscany
Expires 4 August 2017
Wedding Photographer: Fattoria di Palazzo Vecchio, Vino Nobile, Montepulciano
Expires 30 July 2017
Wedding Photographer: Villa Antiche Mura, Sorrento
Expires 29 July 2017
Wedding Photographer: Il Castagno, Gambassi Terme, Tuscany
Expires 8 August 2017
Wedding Photography: Villa Antiche Mura, Sorrento